What Is Life Coaching In The UK?

What Is Life Coaching In The UK?

What is life coaching in the UK? Is this a new thing? Is the UK just getting into this? 

Actually, coaching is not a new discipline. It has been known that coaching is probably as old as the first stone age spear throwing competition.

However, it has only been since the last 10 years that coaching has become something which can be purchased outside of the sports or performance arena. More people are now seeing the benefits of life coaching for their personal life.

Coaching has always been a natural part of life for people everywhere. It is used by millions of great parents who love their children so much that they support and nurture then whilst putting their own needs aside. Helping bring out their child’s potential.

Coaching is used to bring out the greatness in us, to challenge us and question how we see the world. The way we see the world can be completely different to another person. 

If you are not a company owner, a life coach is still vital for YOU. If you have personal goals, could you reach them on your own? What if you had someone to challenge you to ensure you are making the right decision? I know you may say, I have my spouse or family. Yes, sure they will be supportive. But, why would you choose a personal trainer in the gym over your own family member or friend? 

You need someone that can really focus on you and only you

A coach will step into a clients model of the world and really understand that person and how they view the world from their own perspective. Once understood, the coach will be able to guide their client onto their more fulfilling path to true accomplishment.

I am a life coach and my mission is to bring out the best in you, to challenge your model of the world. 

I know of all the challenges people face and the reasons why they do not progress forward. This really bugs me and it is my job to ensure my clients can have a new perspective to really make a difference in their lives.

I only work with people who want change in their life and prepared to take action. I only work with dedicated individuals who are prepared to take accountability on their own change. 

If this is you, do let in touch below. I will do everything in my power to ensure that you get to where you want to be and will work tirelessly to ensure your change is met.

Sounds Interesting? View our coaching approach below or book a free consultation at the bottom of this page.

If this isn’t you, please do not contact me until you really have something you want to work on. 


3 Reasons Why You Need A Life Coach

You Can’t Find Purpose

You may lack clarity, focus and motivation on what you really want

You Cant See The End Goal

You may not have a process and lack direction which de-motivates you

YOU Are Holding YOU Back

You may have limiting behaviours and beliefs which stops you from progressing forwards.

Life coaching is a commitment and an investment. It is an investment for you and only you. Many people do not invest in themselves because they may be happy with their status quo. However, investing in yourself can take you from where you currently are to a completely new dimension of success which can change your whole life. 

Whatever you are facing in your life, whether you are wanting to change jobs, start your new venture, improve self confidence. Whatever the reason, could you really carry on doing the same thing you have always done and get new results? What if you had a new perspective? Someone to challenge you and make a profound impact?

Would this be something that you would find valuable? If so, get in touch. Click the contact us button for more options.

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