New to Mind System – The Daily Planner!

Recently I have been taking some time out reflecting, and think it’s about time I make something which i’m sure many of you will find helpful

I was reflecting because recently I have been coaching a few clients and realised that a common theme is happening with their days. This theme is almost identical to most of the people I speak with and is something which has held me back before starting mind system.

So, here is the day that I pretty much hear about all the time – do let me know if you’re in the same position:

Waking up, checking your phone – looking at news, or emails and feeling run down and negative before the day has begun

You start to feel anxious of the day ahead and all the tasks to complete – wondering where to start and what to do

Wondering if it will be a good day or a bad day

You frantically complete everything and realise you have no control over your day. You know you have done a lot but this has come at a price.

So you finish the day…FEELING EXHAUSTED! And not knowing if it was good/bad. You dwell on the negatives and moan about the thing this person or that person said which really annoyed you

Then you ponder in bed, and you think and start to worry about the next day and all the tasks you have to complete.

It’s just a cycle, over and over – without structure, without peace, without work-life balance.

Does this resonate with you? Is this something you would like to have more control over?

So, instead of the above where its dread, anxiety, stress, worry – how can we feel better about our day and get out of this cycle? With our busy schedules, how can we gain more control, wake up happy not anxious? How at the end of the day feel great not worthless?

This is something that I want to change and I want my clients to come to me with this part in control so that we can get onto the good stuff – helping you grow within your life and accomplish all that you have dreamt of.


I created a daily planner – sounds simple, many people make them – great! However, are they too complicated with so much information to provide – yes!

Do they help instruct you with all in the information you need to input, and at the times of when you need to – no! Many don’t even provide solutions on how to use them and how to use them effectively.

I wanted to make something different. Something easy, and something which tells you what to do and when to do it, and more importantly something which after a few weeks it will be imbedded into your routine and your brain will start to re-program.

Here it is, the mind system daily planner – changing your life, one step at a time.

It is super simple and here are the core principles of the daily planner:

Step 1. Wake up – feel great, positive, grounded and embrace the good in your life

Step 2. Structure your day, your appointments, tasks, daily goals, exercise and water intake – all the components to keep you on top, balanced, healthy, hydrated without that dreaded afternoon lul.

Step 3. End the day on reflection. Instead of dwelling on the negativity, let’s end the day on a positive note, remembering all the good that has happened.

*At the end of every month, there is a reflection piece which enables you to really understand how far you have come and what your goals are for the next month so that the productive cycle continues.

These 3 steps are clearly outlined and designed so that you wake up feeling great, you have a productive day, and then you finish on a high.

This is something which I am sure you will love. It’s is available to buy now on amazon as an A4 paperback book. Or, for any new client, you will receive a copy absolutely free… paired with a personalised texting service, helping and guiding you to further growth.

I want to make sure that change happens today and we all start seeing the benefits. Order yours today, or contact me if you are looking at growth within your life but feel stuck and looking for support.

Thanks, Jon

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