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Mindset Elevation is a motivational and self development podcast. It is designed to inspire and empower your life.

The aim of each episode is to help inspire you, help you learn from the most successful people on how they transformed their lives and elevated themselves by changing their mindset. I speak with some of the most inspiring individuals who have spoken on many podcasts, TV stations who provide the best self development and motivational tips.

If you want to know the journey of how TedX, keynote, motivational speakers and entrepreneurs became successful whilst overcoming adversity – this is the show for you.

Tune in weekly where you will find top tips at the end of each episode covered.

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Why I Started The Podcast

I started this podcast as I have faced mental health challenges most of my life. I have always found social situations difficult growing up, especially when meeting new people.

I am not afraid to say….I have social anxiety

The fear of judgement affected me so much that I would never open up, talk about me or my interests. I would only ask questions or nod in agreement.

After leaving University, I was trying to figure out what my career would be. I had studied Drama and Film production in University and started to become confident that this would be my career and self confident that I would make this a reality.

After a short period of becoming self confident, I decided to finally speak about my dreams and aspirations to others and even new people that I had just met…only to be told all the reasons of how difficult it would be to break into this industry.

Here are some of the things that I heard. You have to be related or know someone famous. You have to be exceptional, have a rare talent.  Only a small percentage will make it. You will have to work 3-4 jobs and audition in between. I can’t see this happening for you. You come from Wales, who has made it from there?

The crazy thing is, I listened to all those people and let MY dream slip away. This was the only time I really opened up and it killed my aspirations. Years later, after self reflection, I finally realised that these people were wrong.

Those who told me I can’t, don’t work in the industry – so how do they know? They don’t know how talented I am or how determined I was, so how can they judge my gift?

These people were living in their own negative mindset so that this was the only way that they could communicate…negatively. They didn’t have their own dreams, passions, hunger and desires to make their own life a success.

Instead, they broke other peoples dreams to bring others down to their own level.

At the time, all I wanted was a bit of encouragement.

At the time, I didn’t show how this affected me on the outside, I just put on my mask and found an alternative career.

Since finding my feet and passion within sales, I also found a new mindset. I started analysing ME and understanding who I was.

I started changing my mindset, what I believed and what I was capable of. I realised from speaking with others  with similar beliefs that they too need the encouragement. People come to me all the time to discuss their dreams, passions and desires.

Instead of closing the dream down (like others do), I let them talk and provide them with the positivity and work with them to help find the solution to make this happen.

This made me realise that we are all the same! We all have our own struggles and challenges! To me it is about opening up and listening to others, not shutting down.

Its about helping people!

This is also why I started Mind System. Fundamentally, there are so many people like me who do not progress forwards. There are so many people with great gifts but don’t do anything with it or do not know that they have a gift.

This pains me because we can have the next Einstein among us…but the next Einstein gave up because ‘Gary’ down the road said it isn’t possible!!!!!

Its f*cking stupid.

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Through our interviews, our guests share their best self tips and best practice strategies which have helped them succeed.
Whether you have suffered from mental illness or experienced mental health issues, you are not alone.

Join us as we discuss how you can manage your emotions, improve your mental health and become more successful.

This podcast is designed for you. We would love to hear your views on episodes produced. Are there any areas which you would need extra emphasis? Can we we produce an episode that can really help you?

We want to know. Our listeners are crucial and your opinion means the world to us. We want to know what you like, what you dislike and how we can improve.


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