About me

I have always been passionate about helping others succeed. To me, there is no better feeling than seeing a person grow.

Hi I am Jon and welcome to the website. I am a sales expert with over 12 years of experience and have worked with some of the largest companies in the world including Google, Facebook, Goldman Sachs etc. I have always been passionate about selling but more so helping my clients cure their pain points. 

However, I noticed at the start of 2020 that my life was stale. My life was so much of a routine that it was predictable. There was no change, no growth. I had to make a change. 

An area in my life which has prevented me from moving forwards was my social anxiety. I talk about this more on my podcast page here if you want to know more. 

The change started when I self reflected and analysed deeply on my whole life. I started to set goals for myself and change everything about my life. 

Since then, everything I have set out to do has been accomplished. I have a Life Coaching business, a successful podcast and now have the ability to control my social anxiety. I couldn’t have done this without coaching myself to get what I have always wanted.

I started my Life Coaching business as I noticed that there were many blockers in my life which prevented me from moving forwards. As I am passionate about helping others, let me help you remove your blockers, barriers and get you where you want to go. 

Common obstacles we face

We all have a goal. We also have incredible potential, and all have unique gifts with the ability to transform our lives to get what we want.

However, we are usually held back by reasons – either through our external environment or within our minds.

The most common reasons fall within our network. We explain our goal to others, and we are presented with feedback on how difficult it would be. Our own thoughts then doubt our ability – where we then question and talk ourselves out of pursuing what we want. Other common reasons include ‘work commitments’ and ‘time’.

Whatever the reason, we are ultimately afraid to fail.

Therefore, the goal we are so desperate to achieve gets more distant because we no longer have the belief in it.

We want the goal, but we are afraid to get it.

This doesn’t need to be the way. We can overcome this. We just need ‘The How‘. This is why I set up THS Life Coaching as I believe that many people are stuck thinking the same, limiting beliefs, and not understanding their true potential.

Think about it like this. You have a unique gift. You can change the world.

BUT…someone stated that it isnt possible so listen and you give up.

How ridiculous is this. You give up because of someone else stating that it isnt possible…AND YOU LISTEN.

Here’s something which will make you think…What if this person is also your thoughts?

Think of Einstein. Do you think he listened to them…F*ck no!

Einstein was incredibly successful BUT did he listen after every thought (internal / external) had opinions – NO. Let’s talk about you…maybe you are the next Einstein but you are stuck?

What would happen if you had someone who focused on you to bring out your inner Einstein?

Look at Michael Jordan…do you think he would have gotten to where he was without Phil Jackson? F*ck no

What if you had someone focused solely on you. To break away from your network and to really open up. Would this help?

My Areas Of Expertise

Almost everyone at their core has some form negative or limiting beliefs which hold them back. I will work with you to unlock these beliefs to prove that they arent true.

What we think ourselves can determine how we position ourselves in the outside world. If Self Esteem is holding you back, I will enable you with empowerment and focus on the core, amazing self that you are.

I use powerful NLP techniques to help you unlock your own knowledge of how to move forward and create your ideal future, self, and achievements

If you are feeling unfulfilled, not sure which path to choose, or are feeling ‘stuck’ in the same patterns of behaviour. I will help you discover your purpose and gain fulfilment.

Are you looking to change career or progress within your current organisation? If so, I will help provide you with greater self-awareness of your talents, interests, values and passions to more effectively help you get on your ideal track.

Do you have bad habits? Not sure where to start with changing these? I will help you stay focused & accountable while we develop specific strategies to your habit change. Habits are the building blocks of our lives. By changing these, we can change our lives.

Do you have a goal but lacking motivation? I will help you stay focused on your ultimate outcome instead of short-term fulfilment. I get to the root of the problem and provide a positive solution.

Do you spend your time drifting as opposed to taking action? I will help you by challenging your goal and working with you to enable specific, timely managed solutions to keep you focused and hungry towards your goal.

Sometimes adversity can prevent us from bouncing back. Through my coaching practice, we will ensure that you have all the necessary tools to stay strong and determined. Failure will not hold you back.

Whatever your goal is – short term/long term, I will work with you to create a plan to succeed and ensure that this fits within your personal environment.