Let’s Get Men Talking with Araminta Sheridan

Let’s Get Men Talking with Araminta Sheridan

In this episode I speak with Araminta Sheridan who is the founder of Let’s Get Men Talking – which is a conversation mainly hosted on Instagram that invites men to lead by example to normalise open and honest conversation.

Listen as Araminta explains how her platform has enabled men to open up and share their stories around their own mental health challenges and how it has helped other men to open up.

Let’s Get Men Talking is an amazing non-judgemental community where anyone is welcome to share their own stories to help others.

We also discuss ways we can help one another by building a stronger community and providing support.

Araminta is also a very successful digital marketeer with her business – www.aramintamarketing.com. As many of us have been starting our own businesses during lockdown, Araminta shares her best tips to help when starting your business online. 

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