Is Self Help Bad For You?

Is Self Help Bad For You?

Self help is everywhere! We have thousands of books, ‘gurus’, YouTube channels – all showing us how we can be the best versions of ourselves.

But is self help bad for you?

Here I will be taking a look into self help

  • Why it’s bad,
  • Why it can be good
  • What options do we have to develop ourselves

I will also be looking at ways to avoid these ‘*fake guru’s’ and provide 3 tips at the end of the episode so stay tuned for that.

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Disclaimer *fake gurus* I believe there are great coaches out there (especially the ones who I have worked with) but there are so many scam artists. I want to provide you with all my coaching tips without paying me $2000 to be on my ‘life changing course’ – all the tips in my podcast have genuinely helped me and hope you find them useful also

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