I Am…A Professional Coach!

I Am…A Professional Coach!

If you asked me at the start of 2020 how my next year would pan out, I would never have guessed that starting a podcast and becoming a professional coach & NLP Practitioner would be my calling.

It’s not due to limiting beliefs or fear that I couldn’t. It was that I simply never thought about it.

As you may know from listening to the podcast or seeing the content that I post, I have always been creative.

I wanted to become an actor at an early age, only for that dream to slip away because I listened to other peoples negative opinions.

It was only when the pandemic hit us that I reflected on how this will impact others based on the feelings that I had.

What if I lose my job? What If I become sick? What if bad things happen?…What if? Using the what if in a negative state cannot bring any form of hope and possibility.

For weeks I was worried, anxious, fearing the worst and not putting myself into a logical perspective seeking a solution.

It was only until I had a reflection that I thought of the ‘what if’ but in a more productive perspective. What if I can help? What if I can inspire? What if I can tap into my inner creative and produce something?

I saw a friend post online that he produced a podcast. Seriously, it is a great show and check it out. I was interviewed on his show recently and really opened up on my lowest points.

…anyway…his show inspired me!

I love watching TEDx and hearing motivational stories. The stories that these people share push me at the times when I am at my lowest and give me a boost.

What if I can make a show where I speak with the most inspiring and successful people who through self help have turned their lives around?

What could this mean to listeners?

This will provide hope that even the most successful people have gone through mental health challenges and adversity.

This to me makes so much sense that even if the worst happens and we do lose our jobs or the fear we have comes true, that we can bounce back and get into the right mindset.

Boom. The Hack Share was born.

It was only until episode 3 came out that I started receiving dm’s from people on instagram. People were messaging me asking for advice. How to cope with PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, and Fear.

Also, some people asked for career advice and how they can start setting goals – it was so strange getting all of these messages from people opening up to me…and I have never met them in my life.

I couldnt help as I didnt have the answers…but I wanted to, and I really had to.

Thats when I went back to college and studied to become a professional life and business coach as well as becoming an NLP practitioner.

The reason for this is the majority of beliefs we have as adults stem from our impressionable stage as children.

This can lead to conflict of beliefs when we start forming our own thought patterns and deciding what is the right thing to do.

We can also have internal trauma lodged deep into our subconscious which is preventing us moving forwards as we simply do not know it is there.

In my own career and speaking with friends, this is why many of us never reach the heights we so deeply desire. There is something holding us back…and I need to unlock it.

So. Fast forwards a few months of long and intense studying. Providing hundreds of coaching hours to clients, continuous development and many all nighters honing my craft.

I am now a Professional Coach. I really hope to help as many people as possible.

At the very start of this blog post I mentioned that last year I had no idea what the next year would hold.

It’s true.

But, I was always developing in the background through hundreds of self help books and consuming thousands of hours in educational content that can help me.

Especially with my social anxiety but thats for another time.

Daily affirmations really help me, stating I am great, I am confident, I am destined for amazing things.

I believed in myself and the lockdown unlocked my destiny whilst the affirmations…affirmed this.

It gave me a sign and I just ran with it.

No holding back, no fearing the worst and most importantly not listening to anything negative that can prevent me moving forwards like those times many years ago.

So the point in this post is not about sharing my accomplishments. It is sharing a story. I never knew my true calling and used to let other people decide this for me.

It is to help you.

To show that a simple idea that you have can change your life and provide you with your own life perspective in the most strangest of times.

If you have a passion or goal and it’s within your control to reach (not like winning the lottery as you cannot control thisbut it would be amazing), seriously, go for it.

Don’t listen to the negativity from others. Find out what you need to to get started and build from there. Anything is possible.

If you are seeking your purpose and would like to explore my coaching services, get in touch. Let’s help you reach your destiny.

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