How To Unlock Your Full Potential with Tony J Selimi

How To Unlock Your Full Potential with Tony J Selimi

In this episode I speak with Tony Jeton Selimi who is an international best selling author, award winning filmmaker, TEDx speaker. He is one of the world’s leading authorities on human behaviour, personal & professional development.

His book ‘A Path To Wisdom’ sold over 1 million copies and takes you into an inside-out self-reflective journey to create the shifts required to live a healthy, masterful and love-infused life. Tony provides insights to his book and shares ways of how we can unlock our full potential whilst also providing methods for you to take your life to the next stage.

Also, we look at how to overcome our own personal adversities. How to reach out so that you can get the support you need during these times by using tips from his best selling book #Loneliness.

Lets break the mental health stigma and redefine our values to help set us on the path of success.

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