How To Cope With Negative Thoughts with Johnny Crowder

How To Cope With Negative Thoughts with Johnny Crowder

In this final episode of 2020 I speak with Johnny Crowder – Founder & CEO of Cope Notes®, TEDx Speaker, Mental Health Advocate, and also the lead singer of the alt heavy metal band Prison.

Listen as Johnny talks about own mental illness challenges and how he has transformed his life. Johnny explains the importance of staying on top of our negative thoughts as well as providing the strategies which have helped him along the way.

We talk about his company Cope Notes which is a service that sends daily text messages to subscribers which interrupt negative thought patterns.

Johnny talks through the launch of Cope Notes. From initial struggles to then being featured on local TV stations, CNN and now having subscribers in 90 countries in under 3 years.

We also talk about whats next for his band Prison as well as their new release – I don’t want to be afraid anymore (out now).

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