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How To Work On Your Goals Everyday

Many of us are tired, we are overworked, burned out and have little time for our goals.
Here I will be sharing how I work on my goals everyday.
Like many people I have a full time job, but also have dreams.
Sometimes having the time to work on my dreams …

I was burning out until I applied these new habits

Most people experience burnout often don’t see any hope of positive change in their situation.
Earlier this year, it was the same for me.
I was burning out and needed to apply new habits to change my perspective.
If you are feeling burn out, there are th…

Use These Methods To Become Calm When Under Pressure | Plus My 3 Top Tips

With our busy and pressure filled lives, staying calm is something we would all like to be.
However, we sometimes get caught in the moment and find that we are stressed and unable to have control over the situation.
In this episode, I am going to explo…

New to Mind System – The Daily Planner!

Recently I have been taking some time out reflecting, and think it’s about time I make something which i’m sure many of you will find helpful I was reflecting because recently I have been coaching a few clients and realised that a common theme is happening with their days. This theme is almost identical to […]

Are You Feeling Lost In Your Life? TRY THIS POWERFUL METHOD

Many of us have an idea of where we want to end up but often we feel lost in our life if we do not have a clear structure or defined goals.
Here I will discuss a powerful technique which can help you achieve structure and get you back on your path
We use…

Live By Your Own Rules To See Powerful Results | Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani | Co-Founder of MindValley

In this weeks podcast, I speak with Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani who is the co-founder of MindValley.
Kristina shares important and powerful ways to live by your own rules and why a simple change in your life can have profound effects.
By the age of 40, Kristi…

Why You Should Keep Your Goals To Yourself

Many of us seek external approval when we embark on change.
But in this episode I am going to explore why you should keep your goals to yourself.
We all love the positive reward when we talk about what we are going to do. But there is a reason why we sho…

Why I Don‘t Care About Seeking Validation Anymore

Hope you’re all doing well. In this short episode, I explore an interesting topic today about why I don’t care about seeking validation anymore.
With many of us seeking validation by our exposure online, this can affect our mental health and well-being.

Use this method to define your end goal and live without regrets

This is a different type of self development episode looking at our end goals and not living with regret in the future.
I’ve been reflecting a lot, and some things have changed recently in my life and I just want to make an episode to help with a way of …

The Secret To Your Purpose with Dr Travis Fox

Travis Fox has been architecting lives for over 30 years. He has been named by Yahoo Finance as a top 20 entrepreneurs for 2020  and even more recently Top 10 Instagram Influencers by BuzzFeed. He also has most recently appeared in such  documentary film…