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Why I Don‘t Care About Seeking Validation Anymore

Hope you’re all doing well. In this short episode, I explore an interesting topic today about why I don’t care about seeking validation anymore.
With many of us seeking validation by our exposure online, this can affect our mental health and well-being.

Use this method to define your end goal and live without regrets

This is a different type of self development episode looking at our end goals and not living with regret in the future.
I’ve been reflecting a lot, and some things have changed recently in my life and I just want to make an episode to help with a way of …

The Secret To Your Purpose with Dr Travis Fox

Travis Fox has been architecting lives for over 30 years. He has been named by Yahoo Finance as a top 20 entrepreneurs for 2020  and even more recently Top 10 Instagram Influencers by BuzzFeed. He also has most recently appeared in such  documentary film…

How I work on my goals when I have no time

In this episode I’m going to look at how I work on my goals when I have no time
Time is an issue for many of us. We all want to pursue our goals but is sometimes difficult especially if we are working or we have other commitments. Many of us feel that we…

The Truth About Starting A Business – What I’ve Learned

Many of us want to start a business. In this episode, I will share truths about what I have learned and the things that I wish I had known before starting.
I share my 4 top findings to help you when you are looking at starting a business so that you ca…

Is Self Help Bad For You?

Self help is everywhere! We have thousands of books, ‘gurus’, YouTube channels – all showing us how we can be the best versions of ourselves.
But is self help bad for you?
Here I will be taking a look into self help
Why it’s bad,
Why it can be good
What …

How To Overcome Negative Self Talk – 5 Ways To Help!

We all experience that inner voice which tells us that we aren’t good enough, we aren’t able to achieve our goals, and we are stupid.
I have experienced this first hand and was determined to make a difference.
My clients that I coach often come to me see…

How To Overcome Negative Bias

In this episode, I look at negative bias – what is it? why do we get this? How can we overcome it?
Do you ever find yourself pondering over a negative event, maybe a comment, a slight criticism, and you cannot stop thinking about it?
If you are intereste…

1 Year Podcast Special – Key Learnings and Advice To Keep You Focused On Your Goals

I just received a notification on my phone that the podcast is 1 years old!
Still can’t believe this, but I am so happy and thanks for everyone who has tuned in.
In this episode I talk about my key learnings since starting my businesses and things which …

The Dictation Of Mindsets: How Can We Push Our Inner Desires Forwards?

We have two mindsets, what we have to accomplish (like work tasks and mundane stuff that we can’t care less for) and Intrinsic, the things that we are so passionate about – the things that we are so motivated and desperate to achieve as we know this is w…